Implicit Surface Method for Shape Reconstruction

A few months ago I wrote an implementation of an implicit surface method for shape reconstruction developed, in part, by H. Zhao, S. Osher, B. Merriman, and M. Kang, in their paper (2000) titled "Implicit and Non-parametric Shape Reconstruction from Unorganized Data". This paper describes a level-set method for reconstructing a surface given a collection of points, curves and surface patches. My implementation deals with points alone and it is written entirely for MATLAB. You can download my code and examples of generated images here. This download package also includes a brief 11 page writeup, explaining the details of the »

Slides for Papers on Motion Tracking and Surface Reconstruction

CS 870 is a course at the University of Waterloo that briefly covers numerical PDE solutions, especially to the level set PDE developed by Stanley Osher and James A. Sethian in a paper called "Fronts propagating with curvature-dependent speed" from 1988. I presented two papers for this class (with links to slides): Implicit Shape Reconstruction Using a Level Set Method (2000) This paper presents a level-set based method to tightly wrap a 3D surface around a set of data points. Level Set Approach for Motion Detection and Tracking (1998) Here, the authors extend the geodesic active contour model, which segments »