Undergraduate Research Seminar Talk on Information Theory

At the end of my undergraduate research semester in the summer of 2012 with IQC, I compiled a talk on classical and quantum information. I tried to start with an introduction to classical information and transition into quantum information on a very basic level. This talk should be appropriate for all audiences with a basic background in linear algebra. These notes on Classical and Quantum Information are somewhat incomplete, and will remain so, unless I give this talk again some day: »

Notes on Continuity of Channel Capacities

I spent the summer of 2012 as an undergraduate research assistant working under Debbie Leung at the Institute for Quantum Computing. Since then I have decided to pursue a career in computer graphics, although quantum information remains one of my amateur interests. I have compiled the notes I took during this research semester into one document: There is little organization within these notes, however they summarize some of the necessary background to start the study of quantum information, and include a few proofs of theorems from various Quantum Information books, as well as a few new ideas aimed at proving »